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F.B.I. Participates In Covering Up The Murder Of A, Florida Retiree

Murray B. Cohen lived at 4919 Commonwealth Dr. on Siesta Key. He was poisoned, tortured, and murdered by his wife of three weeks, Maria Amurrio Cohen on 1/13/03. Murray's murder is completely captured in the background of the 911 call made by Amurrio after she thought he was dead. A lethal poison was found and inventoried at the death scene by authorities. To this day the state of Florida and law enforcement have resisted exhumation of Murray Cohen's body to determine the true cause of death.

The F.B.I. violated the public trust when they created and provided a false audio report of the 911 call to be used to cover up Murray's murder. This false audio report allowed Amurrio to escape justice for over 14 years. The report was also used to shield members of the Sarasota Sheriff's Office and Florida Department of Law Enforcement from being held accountable for obstructing justice and covering up a murder. Amurrio was the former head of women police for her home country of Bolivia.

This story is evidence justice, rule of law, the Bill of Rights, and the Constitution does not apply to every citizen of the United States. The sworn civil servants who participated in denying justice for Murray Cohen have been rewarded with promotions in rank and collect paychecks paid by the tax payers. When injustice such as the case of Murray Cohen are allowed to stand, it contributes to the societal breakdown. This web site was created with the hopes that someday Amurrio will be brought to justice. As you review this web site believe your own eyes and ears. 

Initial Police Report
Police Report

Falsified FBI Report

FBI Report

Audio and video transcript of the complete 911 call made by Amurrio on 1/13/2003

Murray Cohen Tells Everyone What He Went Through, His Last Words, and Who Killed Him in the Background of a 911 Recording

Hear the April 2013 enhancement of Amurrio yelling at Murray Cohen to "give up". You decide if it's "mi amor" or "give up".

Hear the 2005 enhancement of Amurrio yelling at Murray Cohen to "give up".


Audio Expert Arlo West, who examined the 911 recording and provided the audio/video transcript, confirms in his written report that the 911 recording sent to him by the Sarasota Sheriff's Office was altered.   Expert's Report


                                    Murray Cohen with his grandson and son.         


Murray Cohen with his wife of 3 weeks,        Murray Cohen after Maria Amurrio
Maria Amurrio, a.k.a. Maria Cohen.              poisioned and suffocated him.

 Meet Murray's Killer

Maria Cohen's video deposition.
Who is Maria Amurrio (Cohen)?
*Head of Women Police for home country of Bolivia before immigrating to USA.
*Special Narcotics Agent for Bolivia.
*Employed by the state of Florida as a Juvenile Probation Officer for Sarasota County
*Juvenile Probation Officer Amurrio hand picks her judge for her victim's probate case.

See Amurrio Request
*Juvenile Probation Officer Amurrio contacts the Sheriff's Department to see if there is any new evidence against her regarding Murray Cohen's death.
Amurrio's Letter to the Sheriff's Department
Amurrio's marriage license was obtained approximately three weeks after Murray Cohen died. Amurrio has posed as the legal next of kin, which has allowed her to block exhumation of her victim's body.
See Marriage License

2015 Photo of Maria Amurrio With Her Son Boris
Who is Suspected of Being Her Accomplice

Former Head of the Jacksonville F.B.I. Investigates the Case of Murray Cohen and Concludes There is Probable Cause that Amurrio Murdered Murray Cohen

January 23, 2013: James Casey, who headed the Jacksonville FBI headquarters retired in 2012 and went into private practice. One of his new cases was the Case of Murray Cohen. 
Mr. Casey was in charge of 250 agents and task force members. He also was in charge of all FBI investigations in 40 counties in Northern Florida.

With the help of  Jacksonville Attorney, Mark Gelman, Mr. Case was retained to independently investigate the death of Murray Cohen. After a lengthy investigation, Mr. Casey has concluded that there is probable cause that Murray Cohen’s wife of three weeks, Maria Amurrio, aka, Maria Cohen did cause his death. Mr. Casey also concluded that law enforcement blundered their investigation involving the true cause of Murray Cohen’s death. 

See Mr. Casey’s summary and credentials. 

Former Sarasota Sheriff's Homicide Detective, Gary Ferguson, has reviewed the evidence and has come to the conclusion that Murray Cohen was a victim of a cold blooded, pre-meditated murder done for money and greed. Please see his sworn statement. 

Detective's Sworn Statement

       Fox 13 Newscast: 



Evidence of Murder:

Amurrio tells two different stories regarding the circumstances of how Murray Cohen died.

Amurrio Tells Murray Cohen's Family in New Jersey a Much Different Story of the Circumstances Surrounding Murray Cohen's Death.
Amurrio States That She Told Murray Cohen to Sit in a Chair While She Fixed Him a Cup of Coffee. She Further Stated that when She Returned With the Coffee He Was Slumped Over Dead in a Chair.

Witness Statement

Amurrio Told the Sarasota Sheriff's Department That Murray Laid Down at 4:30 pm
 and Never Woke Up.

Police Report

Murray Cohen's Stock Broker Calls in the Middle of His Murder

Murray Cohen's stock broker in New York City had a pre-arranged phone appointment to speak with him on 1/13/2003. The stock broker called during Murray Cohen's murder and heard him screaming in the background. Murray's next door neighbor told authorities that she was certain that she saw Murray Cohen at his mailbox at 5:15 pm. 

Sworn Video Deposition by Murray's Stock Broker

Stephen Beninati was Murray Cohen's stock broker in New York City. As fate has it, Mr. Beninati had a pre-arranged appointment on January 13, 2003. Mr. Beninati called during Murray Cohen's murder. Please see sworn statement made by Beninati six months after Murray Cohen's death. Statement 

Sarasota County Medical Examiner Refuses to Speak with a Witness

 Medical Examiner, Dr. Vega has refused for the last 6 ½  years to speak with a witness who could provide him with proof that Murray Cohen did have neurologic and gastrointestinal symptoms prior to his death and would prove that his statement in his summary is inaccurate. Please see Dr. Russell Vega’s summary and opinion. 

M.E. Summary Report

A Lethal Poison is Found at the Death Scene; No Autopsy is Ever Performed

Law Enforcement and the Sarasota Medical Examiner Found and Inventoried an Exotic, Lethal Poison at the Death Scene. Murray Cohen Was Not Given an Autopsy, Which is Against Florida Law. To This Day, Law Enforcement and the State of Florida Refuse to Exhume the Body to Determine if he was Murdered.


Corazol is BANNED by the FDA for human consumption in the United States.
Corazol is used on rats in European laboratories to induce respiratory failure in studies of epilepsy.



CNN's Audio Expert Paul Ginsberg, Who Also Has Done Work for the CIA, FBI, and Secret Service Confirms Ammurio Can Be Heard Ordering Murray To "Give Up"

Paul Ginsberg confirms that the Sarasota Sheriff's Office sent him a bad copy of the 911 call and states that "the FBI must have been given a bad copy".


     The most commonly asked question with this evidence is, "Why isn't this person in jail?". After Murray Cohen's son obtained a copy of the 911 recording through a public record's request, and discovered his father's murder, he contacted the Sarasota Sheriff's Department, who classified his father's death as natural, and told them what he heard. Instead of fixing their grave investigative mistake and doing the right thing, the Sarasota Sheriff's Department took the digital version of the recording and transposed it onto an analog cassette tape. This cassettetape was then copied over and over until Murray Cohen's murder in the background could no longer be heard. This deliberately, manufactured version was sent to the F.B.I. and a transcript was requested. 
    The F.B.I. declared that the voice that can hardly be heard in the backgroundmust be coming from a television. To this day, the F.B.I. refuses to listen to the recording which proves that Murray Cohen was a victim of a cold blooded murder committed by his wife of 3 weeks. The F.B.I. transcript made from the poor quality cassette tape is allowing a cold blooded killer to remain free and allowing the Sarasota Sheriff's Deparment to get away with destruction of evidence and obstruction of justice. No governmental authority in Florida will help this family. 


Meet the Members of the Sarasota Sheriff's Office Who Used Their Police Skills to Obstruct Justice and Cover Up Murray Cohen's Murder

   Fox 13 Newscast: 


Kurt Hoffman

At the time of Murray Cohen's death, Kurt Hoffman was a captain at the Sheriff's office and also was the Sheriff's General Counsel. Hoffman is one of a few police officers who is also an attorney at the same time.

Kurt Hoffman was present at the 13 hour examination of the hard drive conducted by dictaphone computer expert William Tidwell. Tidwell discovered that all of the 911 calls made on the day of Murray Cohen's death were deliberately deleted from the hard drive. Hoffman refused to conduct an investigation. One month later, when the Orlando Sentinel Newspaper made a records request for access to the hard drive, Kurt Hoffman obtained an ex-parte court order allowing him to destroy the hard drive. The next day the hard drive was picked up and destroyed.
Computer Expert Confirms 911 Calls Deliberately Deleted

The Same Day the Orlando Sentinel Made a Public Records Request Hoffman Obtained an Ex-Parte Order Allowing Destruction of the Hard Drive While the Public Records Request was Pending 
Orlando Sentinel Letter

Sarasota Sheriff's Counsel Kurt Hoffman Refused to Call for an Investigation Into the Missing Archived DVD Original Copy of the 911 Calls

Letter From Hoffman Regarding Archived DVD's

Photo Copies of Archived DVD's

Letter From Hoffman Regarding Missing DVD

Sheriff William Balkwill was the sheriff at the time of Murray Cohen's murder. He is responsible for covering up Murray Cohen's murder and obstructing justice. Balkwill chose to not run for office after becoming a defendant in a civil lawsuit awarding prison contracts. Balkwill eventually was charged with destruction of evidence.

Sheriff William Balkwill

Sheriff Balkwill 's Bad Habit Of Deleting Public Records Finally Catches Up With Him

Sarasota Herald Tribune: "Ex-Sheriff Destroyed Evidence, Judge Says"
News Article

Sarasota Herald Tribune: "Balkwill Charges Weighed"
News Article

Sarasota Herald Tribune: "Sheriff to Hand Over Documents in Computer Case
News Article

After Murray Cohen's Son Began to Uncover Evidence of Murder, Homicide Detective Chris Hallisey was Assigned to Investigate His Findings and His Father's Death. Hallisey Overlooked an Exotic Poision Found at the Death Scene and Participated in Altering the Digital 911 Recording. Eventually Hallisey had to Resign from the Sarasota Sheriff's Department Because he was Arrested for Felony Doctor Shopping.

Detective Chris Hallisey
Lead Detective In The Cohen Case Arrested For Felony Doctor Shopping 
Hallisey's Arrest Papers

Captain Jeffrey Bell
(Homicide Detective at the Time of Murray Cohen's Death)
*Suspected of Having a Romantic Affair with Murray's Wife*

                           Attorney Letter to Tom Knight Regarding Bell

Murray's stock broker testifies under oath that Detective Hallisey falsified statements that he made to him.



Geraldo At Large: 


2016 Presidential Candidate Jeb Bush is Responsible for Justice Being Denied for the Last 12 1/2 Years

As governor of Florida, Jeb Bush abused his power as governor and directly allowed corrupt members of the Sarasota Sheriff's Department to get away with obstruction of justice and covering up the murder of Murray Cohen.

Former Florida Governor, Jeb Bush, chose political loyalty over equal justice and rule of law in the case of Murray Cohen. After the Cohen family received media attention, Bush refused requests to appoint a special prosecutor and order FDLE to conduct a full blown investigation into Murray Cohen's death. Instead, Bush ordered a review, which is the same as a white-wash. With his brother, the president of the United States at the time, and a corrupted justice department, the FBI provided a false examination report which allowed Bush to justify not appointing a special prosecutor and order FDLE to conduct an investigation into the cover up of Murray Cohen's murder. The former head of the Jacksonville FBI who investigated the Cohen case stated in his report that the day FDLE was ordered to do a review, all chances for justice were doomed.

Would Jeb Bush have ordered just a "review" if this happened to someone in his family?

Sarasota Herald Tribune News Article September 14th, 2005- Jeb Bush Personally Sparks Review of the Cohen Case

News Article

After Bush's ordered review was completed in a final act of sabotage, the Sarasota Herald Tribune misled the public and called Bush's review an investigation. All media coverage stopped


Internal emails obtained through a public records request show Jeb Bush's General Counsel, Victoria Brennan, had no intention of responding to Fox 13's call regarding the airing of the case of Murray Cohen. Emails also prove that members of FDLE who answer to governor of Florida had no intention of looking into the Sarasota Sheriff's obstruction of justice and cover up of Murray Cohen's murder.

Internal Emails

Refused to Help a Florida Family Obtain Justice and Get Closure
See Attorney Letter From September 29th, 2011
See Attorney Letter From March 27th, 2012

As of 8/17/14, Governor Rick Scott has never responded.
Probate attorney confirms Sarasota judges systematically denied due process and allowed evidence of murder to be destroyed.
See Attorney's Letter to Governor Rick Scott

As of 8/17/14, Governor Rick Scott has never responded.


Refused to Help a Florida Family Obtain Justice and Get Closure
Self proclaimed "People's Governor" turns his back to a murder victim's pleas for justice to be served.

Attorney's Letter to Governor Charlie Crist:
See Letter From July 3rd, 2008
Medical examiner's letter ignored by Governor Crist:
See Letter From June 30th, 2009

As of 8/17/14, former governor, Charlie Crist, hasn't responded to the letters.


Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz

Refused to help a constituent family obtain justice and closure.

Letter to Wasserman-Schultz

As of 8/17/14, Wasserman-Schultz has not responded or acknowledged her constituent's pleas for justice.

Florida State Representative Richard Stark

Refused to help a constituent family obtain justice and closure.

Letter to Representative Stark

As of 8/17/14, Stark has not responded or acknowledged his constituent's pleas for justice.


June 14, 2013

With no agency left in the government to turn to, Murray Cohen's son sends letter to President Obama requesting his help.

See Letter to President Obama


Forensic Audio Expert's Report Of 911 Call

Fox 13 Tampa, 2005

Gaidecom Transcript 

Gaidecom Call Log 



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