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Corrupt personnel in the George W. Bush Administration's Justice Department provided a false examination report of the 911 call which has shielded members of Florida Law Enforcement from being held accountable for obstruction of justice and covering up Murray Cohen's murder.

As of 11/19/15, there has been no response.  

Tampa FBI Supervisor Receives Evidence of Conspiracy to Commit and Carry Out Crimes Within a Federal Jurisdiction by the Sarasota Sheriff's Department

Letter to Tampa FBI


  FBI Analyst Dr. Hirotaka Nakasone
Former L.A. Police Officer

FBI lab analyst who examined the 911 recording involving the murder of Murray Cohen takes the stand in the George Zimmerman case; testimony raises many questions on his examination and report of the Cohen tape
See Video Testimony

   Nakasone's Examination Report
Dr. Nakasone says he hears the words "Mi Amor" where independent audio experts, former prosecutors, former law enforcement, and thousands of others across the country hear Amurrio yelling the words, "Give Up". You decide. Believe your own ears. 

Mi Amor or Give Up?



FBI expert Dr. Nakasone testifies at the Zimmerman trial that the most important requirement of it’s examiners is to be neutral. See letter that Dr. Nakasone received from SSO after he completed his examination, thanking him and telling him that Murray Cohen's death remains "naturally caused".

See Thank You Letter

   Audio Expert Gaidecom Replies to FBI

See Letter

FBI Refuses to Honor 8 Year Long Public Records Request Which Proves They Were Given Altered Evidence

Letter to Senator Bill Nelson


                                  My Odyssey with the Florida FBI
                                                                                                  By Steven Cohen Esdale

After obtaining my first audio forensic report which confirmed that my father was being murdered in the background, I went to the Miami FBI and met with an agent named Tracy Carbenaro, which was early 2004. I gave her a copy and transcript of the 911 call along with an enhanced copy of the call. I was met with hostility and resistance. Ms. Carbenaro told me she would write up a report and send it to the Tampa FBI because it was in their jurisdiction.  After six months, I called the Tampa FBI and was told by Agent AJ Gillman, 813-253-1000, Extension 1063, that no report was ever sent to Tampa.

I called the Miami FBI and I was told that they were not sending anything to Tampa. I requested my information back. The next day, I received a call from an Agent Cressy who told me he was assigned to bring me back by evidence. Agent Cressy came to my home and gave me back my evidence.

In August of 2007, I once again went back to the Miami FBI pleading for assistance after the Sarasota Sheriff’s Department destroyed the hard drive of system in which contained the 911 call made on January 13, 200. The agent on duty happened to be Agent Cressy. I brought the forensic audio expert’s report along with an enhanced copy of the recording.  Agent Cressy reviewed the reports and then asked me for the phone number of one of the experts. Agent Cressy called Forensic Audio Expert, Arlo West, who lives in Maine. This call was made on a speaker phone in front of me. Agent Cressy identified himself and stated to Mr. West that he had Mr. Esdale sitting in front of him.
Agent Cressy questioned Mr. West about what his examination revealed. Mr. West told Agent Cressy that my father is alive when he was reported to be dead, he is heard asking for an ambulance,  and that my father was aware that he was being murdered.
Mr. West also told Agent Cressy that he hears my father say “You Are Not Going To Kill Me, You Get Away From Me”. Mr. West
Also confirmed that he hears Amurrio ordering my father to give up numerous times.

After terminating the conversation with Mr. West, Agent Cressy made the following statements to me.

1. I believe what you are telling me is true.

2. You need to leave this up to God and move on with your life.

3. You did nothing wrong, your father brought this on himself.

Agent Cressy also agreed to write up a report and send everything I gave him over to Tampa. I waited one month an called Tampa FBI once again. I spoke with an agent names Robert French and he advised me that no report was ever sent. I  called the Miami FBI and asked to speak with Agent Cressy’s superior. Agent Cressy’s supervisor refused to tell me his name. He did tell me that the Miami FBI will no longer speak with me and the Miami FBI will not be sending anything to Tampa. He instructed me to do it myself.

In May of 2008, I drove to the Tampa FBI with a witness. We met with Agent Lavender. Immediately into the conversation, Agent Lavender said me “Mr. Esdale, Isn’t it That You Are Just Not Satisfied With Our Findings?” I explained to Agent Lavender that my father’s case was an investigative mistake and that SSO had deliberately manufactured a bad copy and sent it to the FBI to obtain a report to be used to discredit independent qualified audio experts who confirmed that the conversation in the background is coming from my father’s home and is the voice of my father and his wife.  Agent Lavender also stated to me “Mr. Esdale, We Have Listened to the Recording, and We Are Satisfied That The Conversation Being Heard in the Background is the Television at the 911 Center”.

I asked Agent Lavender if I could leave a copy of the 911 recording in which all audio experts confirmed that my father is alive when he is supposed to be dead, and Maria is heard ordering my father to “Give Up”.

Agent Lavender refused to accept the evidence and told me I needed to go the Sarasota FBI because that is where the death took place. My witness and I left Tampa and drove to Sarasota’s FBI.

Upon entering the Sarasota FBI office and identifying myself who I was told by an agent who only identified himself as Dave that they could not help me and I needed to leave. I stated to Agent Dave that I had just come from the Tampa FBI were Agent Lavender instructed me to go to the Sarasota FBI. Agent Dave told me that the Tampa field office had just called them and instructed them not to talk with me. Agent Dave put both arms up in the air and said to me, “Mr. Esdale, This is Way Over Our Heads, and We Cannot Get Involved.”

The next day, I called Agent Lavender to explain to what happened in Sarasota. Agent Lavender became very angry and told me not call Tampa FBI again and hung up on me.

I called the FBI in Tampa back and asked to speak with Agent Lavender’s superior. I was given to Agent Mike Brady who represented to be Mr. Lavender’s superior. He said to me, “Mr. Esdale, Your Just Not Satisfied With Our Findings.” “ As Far As We Are Concerned The Voices Being Heard in The Background are Not Your Father, They Are a Television.” He also stated to me, “Mr. Esdale, Do You Know How Many Times a Day The Public Calls us Claiming a Police Cover-up?”

I stated to Agent Brady that this citizen is telling you the truth and I asked him if I could please send him the audio experts report along with a copy which is clear enough to hear my father speaking when he is reported to be dead, and his loving wife of three weeks ordering him to give up numerous times. Agent Brady replied “NO YOU CANNOT”, “HAVE A GOOD DAY”, and hung up.

See how the FBI treats a murder victim's son who tells them that they made a mistake and refuses to stop fighting for justice.

FBI Letter


See how the FBI report generated from altered evidence was used to influence the governor of Florida and prejudice the probate court.



Nationally Known Audio Expert Paul Ginsberg Confirms FBI Was Given A Bad Copy Of The 911 Call

How well is the FBI protecting us with their eves-dropping program when they can't even hear a killer yelling the words "Give Up"

                              Audio and video transcript of the 911 call


Forensic Audio Expert's Report Of 911 Call <<< Click Here


Here are the members of the FBI who have been involved with obstruction of justice and/or turned their heads and looked the other way:

                                                Agent Lynn Billings- Sarasota FBI

                                                              Agent French- Tampa FBI

                                                                   AJ Gilman- Tampa FBI

                                                           Agent Lavender- Tampa FBI

                                                         Agent Mike Brady- Tampa FBI

                                            Jerome Garcia, Supervisor- Ft. Meyers FBI

                                               Corey Nelson, Supervisor- Ft. Meyers FBI


                           The Undoing Of The House Of Cards:

The offical story from Sarasota Sheriff's Department and all government agencies in Florida is that the Cohen Case has been fully investigated by former Governor Jeb Bush, Florida Department of Law Enforcement, FBI, and Senator Bill Nelson. The truth is none of the above mentioned have investigated the circumstances surrounding, or the cause of death of Murray B. Cohen. The FBI was only asked to listen to a recording and make a transcript- period. FDLE was asked to only review the existing file created by SSO- period. Former Governor Jeb Bush only ordered a review of the Cohen case- period. Senator Bill Nelson sent
a copy of the 911 recording in which the quality was good enough to hear Murray Cohen's murder directly to the FBI laboratory on our behalf. The FBI refused to open the package. Senator Nelson received a letter from the Justice Department culminating the whitewash with the biggest falsehood of them all. Senator Nelson was told in the letter that a detective, hired by Mr. Esdale, went into the Sarasota FBI headquarters and met with FBI Agent Lynn Billings. The letter stated to Senator Nelson that Agent Billings did not hear Murray Cohen asking for help where Mr. Esdale claims he is. Therefore, the FBI will not be able to get involved. There's only one problem to this statement: after receiving this report I called the Sarasota FBI and asked to speak with Agent Billings. I read the letter to her regarding where
they claim she did not hear Murray Cohen requesting assistance. Agent Billings openly stated that she heard a man say, on both CD's, "You said you were going to get me an abulance". And when I confronted her with this innacuracy, she told me I would have to take this up with her supervisor.

Hear Agent Lynn Billings For Yourself




            Read Misleading Letter From Justice Department To Senator Nelson
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