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FDLE broke the public trust when they altered witness statements and falsified reports in the case of Murray Cohen.

November 21st, 2013:

Once again, FDLE is accused of changing witness statements in a murder investigation.

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FDLE Agent Andrew Rose was assigned to investigate the death of Murray Cohen.
Rose altered a key witness' statement and falsified his report.

FDLE Agent Rose's Report

Witness' Affidavit


November 20th, 2013:

Sheena Morris News Article

Why won't FDLE allow Murray Cohen's family a real investigation and ask his suspected killer to take a polygraph?


Meet the members of FDLE involved in the case of Murray Cohen:


  Ken Tucker
Before leaving FDLE as Assistant Commissioner, Tucker made sure the Cohen case would not be reopened. Currently, Tucker is the Corrections Secretary for the state of Florida. 

Attorney Letter to Ken Tucker, July 19, 2011


      Jim Madden
Replaced Ken Tucker as Assistant FDLE Commissioner. Madden refuses to reopen the Cohen case or review any new evidence.

  Steve Ubelacker
Recent review of the Cohen case guaranteed justice would not be served. Shortly after following Ken Tucker's orders that nothing be changed, Ubelacker left FDLE and was hired by Sarasota county to head the Fraud and Ethics Unit. Ubelacker violated his sworn oath as a law enforcement officer and purposely and maliciously obstructed justice in the case of Murray Cohen.

November, 2010, Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Assistant Commissioner, Ken Tucker, assigned FDLE Agent Steven Uebelacker to do a second review of the Cohen Case.
Without interviewing eyewitnesses and without investigating evidence of murder, destruction of evidence,
and falsifying reports, Uebelacker closed out his review. Shortly before closing out his review in July of 2011, Agent Uebelacker admitted to Attorney, Mark Gelman, who represents the Cohen family,that he hears Murray Cohen's wife of three weeks yelling at him to give up. 
In his report, Uebelacker stated that the Sarasota Sheriff's departments did everything it should have in investigating the circumstances surrounding Murray Cohen's death and found no irregularities whatsoever.
Within weeks of closing his review of the Cohen case, Uebelacker was hired by Sarasota County to head a unit in charge of ethics and fraud complaints and is now being  paid $96,000 a year.

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FDLE Agent Involved in the Cohen Case Fired For Misconduct

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Letter to Agent Hildalgo, June 27, 2011

When Murray's son realized that his father was a victim of a cold blooded murder and the Sarasota Sheriff's Department destroyed evidence of his murder, he turned to Florida Department of Law Enforcement for help. Instead of obtaining assistance from FDLE, he was attacked and smeared.


Internal FDLE emails obtained through a public records request show that FDLE did everything to not get involved in the case of Murray Cohen.

FDLE Internal Emails


Why didn't FDLE special agent, Andrew Rose, thoroughly question audio expert Ginsberg?

On December 7th, 2007, Certified Dictaphone Expert, William Tidwell, conducted a sixteen hour examination of the hard drive which contained the 911 recording regarding Murray Cohen's death. The name of the system in place the day of Murray Cohen's death was a Freedom Dictaphone System.

Mr. Tidwell was assigned to the Sarasota Sheriff’s 911 call center by Dictaphone to handle any trouble shooting or problems with the system in use. No one knew the system better than Mr. Tidwell.

During the sixteen hour examination, Mr. Tidewell discovered that all the 911 calls made the day of Murray Cohen's death, (January 13, 2003), were deliberately deleted from the main recorder and the back up auxiliary recorder. Here is his affidavit which was ignored by Sheriff Balkwill and his General Counsel, Kurt Hoffman. Both refused our request for an immediate investigation. To this day, the Sarasota Sheriff’s Department refuses to allow anyone to hear the master copy or the archived DVD pertaining to the 911 call regarding my father’s death.

Computer Expert's Affidavit

FDLE Special Agent Andrew Roses Report


On June 4, 2009, a public records request was made for a copy of the 911 recording that agent rose obtained from the Sarasota Sheriff’s Department, in which he described in his report. On June 3, 2009, Murray's son received an email from the General Counselor of FDLE informing him that agent Rose no longer had the copy. Why would agent Rose get rid of the copy he obtained from Sarasota Sheriff’s Department?


Why did FDLE Agent Rose falsify William Tidwell's statement?

Tidwell's Affidavit

FDLE Agent Rose's Report Doomed All Chances For Justice to be Served

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Here are the names of the members of FDLE who have chosen to obstruct justice and/or turned their heads and looked the other way:

Michael O Connel- Executive Investigations

John Stevens- Executive Investigations

Ed DeBalasco- Executive Investigations

Guy Tunnel- Former Head of FDLE

Chris Siemers- Sarasota Agent

Andrew Rose- Investigating Agent

Steve Emerson- Investigating Agent

Jim Lutton- Agent

Vicky Marsey- Agent

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