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Killer Maria Amurrio, a.k.a. Maria Cohen, and her son, Boris Arias of New Jersey.

Amurrio is an immigrant from Bolivia who served as a police officer and narcotics agent in her home country before coming to the US.

Updated Picture of Amurrio and her son, 2011

Boris Arias is suspected of being Amurrio's accomplice the day Murray Cohen was murdered. A second 911 operator repeated what she heard someone say to Murray Cohen, which was "I should beat you up", as he was being murdered. In her video deposition, Amurrio stated that when they came back from Bolivia, Murray Cohen told Boris that he did not want him living with them any longer.


  Murder victim Murray Cohen, and his wife of three weeks, Maria Amurrio Cohen in 2002



Murray's Killer Buys Another House in Florida

                                          See Property Records

Who Is The Real
Maria Antonieta Amurrio Fernandez
 of Bolivia?


Police Report Regarding Murray's Death 
Police Report <=== Click Here

At the time of Murray Cohen's death, and throughout the probate case of Murray Cohen's estate, Maria Amurrio worked for Sarasota County as a juvenile probation officer. See Resume Here.


One of many contradictions made by suspect Ammurio:

Both video clips are from Amurrio's August 6, 2003 sworn video deposition.

Amurrio's story to law enforcement was that her husband laid down to take a nap and never woke up. At 1:39pm, she states that she called Ronnie Rose seeking urgent medical information because her husband was having a heart attack. One minute later, Amurrio denies making that statement.

This is just one of one hundred blatent contradictions that Sarasota Sheriff's Department chooses to ignore.

                                                                       Amurrio Deposition August 6, 2003

                                                                           Amurrio Deposition August 6, 2003



Forensic Audio Expert Paul Ginsberg Confirms Ammurio Can Be Heard Ordering Murray To "Give Up"

Amurrio Deposition August 6, 2003


During the 911 call, Amurrio pretended not to know how to perform CPR.

Amurrio graduated the police academy and was a police officer.

Amurrio Deposition June 26, 2003

Entire 911 Call Audio/Video Transcript


Police Report Made The Day Of Murray's Death

Police Report

Ammurio told law enforcement and the medical examiner in Florida that Murray laid down to take a nap and never woke up. Ammurio told Murray's relatives in New Jersey a much different version of how my Murray Cohen. See sworn statement made by Murray's first cousin, Irene Petras.

Irene Petras' Sworn Statement

As of June 1, 2009, Sarasota Sheriff's Department, Sarasota Medical Examiner Russel Vega, and Florida Department of Law Enforcement refused to speak to Irene Petras


Murray's friend of 50 years, Rhoda Goodman, spoke with him the night before he was murdered. Murray complained of head and stomach problems which started in Bolivia and continued through the night before his death. Amurrio was questioned under oath. She was asked if Murray was sick in Bolivia. Her answer was no. Sarasota Medical Examiner, Russel Vega, wrote in his summary the following: "The decedent had no complaints prior to death of any neurological or gastro symptoms." Medical Examiner Vega was made aware of Rhoda Goodman's statement.
As of June 1, 2009, Sarasota Medical Examiner Russel Vega, Sarasota Sheriff's Department, and Florida Department of Law Enforcement refuse to speak with Rhoda Goodman.

Rhoda Goodman's Sworn Statement