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New Times News Article About the Murray Cohen Story
News Article
June 16th, 2015
Radio Talk Show Interview With Murray Cohen's Son & Family Attorney Mark Lord:


Family attorney requests federal intervention:

Letter to US Attorney 7/2/2014


Sarasota Phoenix Newspaper Joins Call for the US Attorney to Investigate the Destruction of Evidence and Cover Up of the Murder of Murray Cohen by Sarasota Sheriff's Office

Sarasota Phoenix News Article

Published December 2, 2014

Link to Article at Sarasota Phoenix Web Site 

New Times News Article

                                           Published August 18, 2014


                                           August 3, 2013

                                 Current Sarasota State Attorney, Ed Brodsky
                       The New Fox Guarding the Hen House

Sarasota State Attorney Ed Brodsky’s office finally responds to family’s request for justice to be served.

                                    See Response Letters


                                     August 3, 2013

Murray Cohen's Son Speaks With ME Dr. Vega Regarding State Attorney's Response

On August 1, 2013, I called Sarasota Medical Examiner, Russell Vega to speak with him about the response letter I received from  State Attorney Ed Brodsky’s office regarding my father’s death. I wanted to know if the statements attributed to him were accurate.  

One of the statements was “Dr. Vega found no evidence that your father ingested Corazol. Toxilogical analysis performed on vitreous fluid and hair obtained from you father do not show the presence of Corazol in your father’s system”.  I asked Dr. Vega if that statement is accurate and he said “NO”.
I asked him if embalming fluid could have masked the presence of Corazol. He said, “YES”.  

I asked him if he stood behind his public statement that he made years ago when he said “ I cannot rule out the possibility that Cohen’s death was caused by an exotic poison.” Vega replied, “Yes”.

I asked him if he agreed with Dr. Goldberger of the Florida Toxicology lab’s statement  that “Until case studies are performed on embalmed human flesh and Corazol, there is no test currently available to detect the presence of Corazol. Dr. Vega once again said “YES”.

About six months ago I sent Dr. Vega a copy of the  911 recording which is clear enough to hear him pleading for an ambulance and his wife of three weeks yelling at him to give up. Dr. Vega openly admits to me that the recording I sent him was much clearer than the one he listened to  and was made available to him made by SSO years ago. Dr. Vega told me “I do hear what I believe to be her yelling give up.

I brought to the attention of  Dr. Vega that in the response letter of the State Attorney’s office, they failed to mention the findings of one of the nations top forensic audio experts findings. It was the findings of  Paul Ginsberg who has does work for the CIA, FBI and the DEA. He confirmed in his report that the conversation in the back ground of the 911 recording is coming from inside the house. He also finds that there is a man pleading for an ambulance and the person who made the 911 call is yelling the words give up.

I pleaded with Dr. Vega to please do the right thing and exhume my father’s body to give him the autopsy that was legally required the day he died so that my family could have justice and peace. I pleaded with Dr. Vega as a governmental agency to request that the FBI listen to the recording that I sent him which completely captures my fathers murder in the background and proves that SSO has a deliberately manufactured poor quality version designed to hide the truth.   Dr. Vega refused my request to send the recording that I sent him to the FBI.

I asked him why he opposes the medical examiner who signed my father’s death certificate who admits he made a mistake and has recommended for years that my father be given an autopsy to determine his true cause of death. Dr. Vega had no response.

I reminded Dr. Vega that his job was to speak for the dead not corrupt law enforcement who have obstructed justice to cover up their grave investigative mistake. Dr. Vega told me his hands were tied and that if I ever wanted to talk, his line was open.  Our call ended.

Murder victim’s son
Steven Cohen Esdale

June 14, 2013

With no agency left in the government to turn to, Murray Cohen's son sends letter to President Obama requesting his help.

See Letter to President Obama

April 11, 2013

After calling the Sheriff's department for two months requesting that Sheriff Tom Knight meet with Murray's family, a reply was finally given. Sheriff Knight said he will not speak with or meet Murray Cohen's family.


March 8, 2013

Attorney Mark Gelman, who represents the victim's family, sent a letter to Governor Rick Scott's legal department.

See Letter


January 23, 2013

Sarasota State Attorney, Ed Brodsky, is sent Jim Casey's investigative report in which he finds probable cause that Murray Cohen was a victim of a cold blooded murder.
See Letter


Why Won't Governor Rick Scott Do The Same For Murray Cohen And His Family?

             March 27, 2012

Attorney Mark Gelman requests special prosecutor be appointed and accuses FDLE of conflict of interest.
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Gabrielle Taylor
Another participant in the murder cover-up of Murray Cohen's death makes the news again"



September 29, 2011
Attorney Mark Gelman requests Governor Rick Scott's assistance to obtain justice for Murray Cohen and his family.

See Letter 
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  Probate Attorney, Mark Lord, Confirms The Judges In The Probate Case Allowed Evidence of Murder to be Destroyed and Allowed the Killer to Pillage Her Victim's Estate

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