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Sarasota Judges of the 12th Judicial Circuit


Meet the judges of the 12th judicial circuit who systematically denied due process and allowed evidence of murder to be destroyed in the case of Murray Cohen.

All of the Judges mentioned below knowingly and purposefully did everything possible to obstruct and deny due process in the probate case of Murray Cohen. This probate case was fought in good faith for almost ten years waiting for authorities to step in and stop this great injustice inflicted on Murray Cohen and his family. All the Judges mentioned below knowingly and deliberately violated an American's family constitutional rights.  All motions filed on behalf of Murray Cohen and his family were dismissed without a hearing or outright denied. Every request for an evidential hearing was denied.

Probate Attorney, Mark Lord, Confirms The Judges In The Probate Case Allowed Evidence of Murder to be Destroyed and Allowed the Killer to Pillage Her Victim's Estate

See probate attorney' letter to Gov. Scott

The Court Records Speak for Themselves:
See Court Records


Court Judge Thomas Gallen

Murray's killer specially picks Thomas Gallen to be her judge to oversee the probate of her victim's estate.

See Killer's Special Request

Judge Gallen dismisses motion to invalidate marriage and allows Murray's killer to perpetrate a fraud upon the court. Murray Cohen died on Janurary 13th, 2003. The marriage license was obtained on February 7th, 2003.

                                      See Marriage License

After Judge Gallen dismissed the motion to invalidate the marriage with prejudice, he ordered the court clerk to remove the fraudulent documents from the court record and handed them back to Murray's killer.

                         See Probate Attorney's Confirmation

Judge Gallen who retired in 2003 was brought in to finish the dirty job of obstruction of justice and covering up the murder Murray Cohen.

In 2005, Attorney Mark Lord was hired to represent the Esdale family in the probate case. Eventually, he filed a motion to withdraw from the case so that he could testify as a witness regarding the pre nuptial agreement, because he was the attorney who made the prenuptial agreement for Murray Cohen. The motion to withdraw was denied by Gallen to keep Mr. Lord’s testimony from ever being heard. On November 26, 2007, Murderer Amurrio petitioned the Court to give her Murray Cohen’s house fee simple which was protected by a prenuptial agreement and a Will which she was to only receive a life estate. Gallen gladly obliged the Murderer and vacated her life estate, giving her the house free and clear against Florida Law. Gallen’s Order

Gallen allowed Amurrio to commit perjury and fraud in his Court Room on November 26, 2007. Gallen dismissed with prejudice a motion to allow evidence to be presented which proved Amurrio committed perjury and fraud at this hearing. In Amurrio’s sworn deposition of June 26, 2003, she admitted to being presented with a prenuptial agreement shortly before getting married. She also admitted to signing the schedule of assets which was attached to the prenupt. Amurrio admitted to signing the schedule of assets because Murray Cohen wanted to make clear what was solely his in case of divorce of death. Judge Gallen refused to allow these transcripts of her deposition into evidence. He also refused to allow the video of this sworn deposition to be played in the court room and put into the record.

On October 5, 2009, Judge Gallen presided over a hearing which was to be the final motions to be heard in the probate case of Murray B. Cohen. The motions that were heard at this hearing were objections to the final accounting, reconsidering allowing testimony and evidence which proved Amurrio committed fraud upon the court and perjury at numerous hearings. Gallen quickly denied the right to present evidence regarding perjury and fraud. Gallen’s Order

Another motion which was heard on October 5th was the request for Gallen to fix his illegal order giving Amurrio her victim’s house against Florida Law while the probate case was still open. With a Court room packed with witnesses, and supporters for the Esdale family, highly respected Florida Attorney William Meeks who was retained to represent the Esdales, informed Judged Gallen that his order giving Amurrio Murray Cohen’s house fee simple was against the Florida Constitution. Mr. Meeks also requested that the order be fixed while the probate case was still open. With no choice, Gallen reversed his order and gave the property back to Murray Cohen’s two sons according to Florida Law. Judicial hit man Thomas Gallen, then proceeded to deny the objections to the final accounting which was prepared by Amurrio. Amurrio’s final accounting was severely deficient from what is required by Florida Law.

Amurrio deliberately did not account for Murray Cohen’s $269,000 retirement account that she transferred into her own personal account shortly after his death. This account was protected by the prenuptial agreement. On May 27, 2007 Amurrio caused a fire to be started inside Murray Cohen’s home. Amurrio collected $180,000 for fire damage from Liberty Insurance. On July 7, 2007, Amurrio petitioned the Court as Personal Representative for the Estate of Murray Cohen to use the insurance proceeds to fix the house. On August 22, 2007, Judge Owens signed an order which required Amurrio to used licensed contractors to fix the house and account for the fire proceeds in the final accounting. Order to Fix House.

Judge Gallen was made aware of this order before dismissing the objections to the final accounting in which Amurrio deliberately left out the insurance proceeds she collected for the fire. As Personal Representative of the Estate of Murray B. Cohen, Amurrio had a fiduciary responsibility to fix the fire damage that she had caused. Once again, Gallen violated the law and allowed Amurrio to commit insurance fraud and pocket an extra $147.000.

On October 9th, a motion to inspect the property was filed. Once again, Judicial hit man, Judge Gallen ruled illegally and denied the motion. Gallen’s Order   On October 23, a motion to compel Amurrio to fix the house with the insurance proceeds that she collected was denied. Gallen's Order

Once of the most corrupt and nefarious judges to ever sit on the bench of the 12th Judicial circuit. Galen continually violated Florida law and the Florida constitution with his ruling in the probate case of Murray Cohen. Galen allowed Murray’s killer to embezzle a $180,000 from an insurance check paid after a fire caused extensive damage to Murray’s home in which she set.  Galen allowed Murray’s killer to get away with filing a final accounting of his estate without declaring the $180,000 insurance check and the $300,000 she stole from his personal bank account right after he died.

Galen allowed Murray’s killer to commit numerous perjury under oath in his court room regarding the prenuptial agreement she signed with Murray Cohen. Galen knowingly violated the Florida Constitution when he gave Murray’s killer his house in spite of a life estate, a will and prenuptial. Galen allowed Murray Cohen’s killer to reward herself for the premeditated murder of Murray Cohen and escape prosecution for what she has done.  As a Sarasota Juvenile Probation Officer, Murray’s killer wrote to Chief Judge Haworth requesting that Galen be appointed to oversee the probate case of Murray Cohen until it was finished.

Please see Galen’s illegal order giving the killer his house.
Please see killer’s letter to Judge Haworth requesting her hand picked judge to over see the theft and evasion of justice in the case of Murray Cohen.


Please see the prenuptual agreement that Judge Gallen and his fellow corrupt judges kept out of the probate record.

Gallen, Economou, DeFuria and Owens refuse to allow the attorney who made the prenupt to testify or admit as evidence. Their actions allowed Murder Amurrio to get away with stealing $400,000 from Murray Cohen's estate. Amurrio admitted in a video deposition that she did sign a prenupt with Murray Cohen prior to getting married. Amurrio also admitted to destroying the prenupt after Murray's death. Gallen, Owens, DeFuria and Economou are directly responsible for Sarasota County Juvenile Probation Officer, Amurrio getting away with the theft of her victim's assets.

Prenuptual Agreement   

Amurrio's Signed Page

Murray's Signed Page

Amurrio Depo Excerpt

Amurrio testified under oath that after Murray died, the only part of the pre-nupt she found in an envelope was her schedule of assets and his. Amurrio was asked under oath where the envelope for the pre-nupt was. She stated that she might have thrown it out. Stealing Murray's assets was her motive for murder.


Circuit Court Chief Judge Andrew Owens

Judge Owens allowed evidence of murder and evidence of obstruction of justice to be destroyed in an act to prevent the truth from coming out. Judge Owens granted an ex parte order allowing the destruction of a hard drive which contained a 911 recording which proved my father was being murdered in the background. Owen's order

The ex parte order that Owens issued allowed the destruction of the hard drive without any hearing or motion being heard while a public records request for access to the hard drive were pending from a media outlet. Letter to Owens

Judge Owens also allowed the hard drive to be destroyed while an order

was in place to preserve the hard drive. Order to preserve the hard drive.

On March 26th, 2008, the 911 operator, Anne Barrett, who handled the call regarding the death of Murray Cohen was subpoenaed for deposition. During this deposition, Barrett committed perjury and also revealed damaging information which poked wholes in the cover up of the murder.

After making numerous blunders and realizing it, Barrett stood up and announced she was leaving the deposition. Attorney Mark Lord instructed Barrett that she was not yet released from her subpoena and the deposition was not finished. Barrett stated, “Well Then Arrest Me”, and stormed out.

Attorney Mark Lord filed a motion to hold Barrett in “Contempt of Court”,

and to compel her to finish her deposition. Judge Owens refused to compel Barrett to finish her deposition and dismissed the motion with prejudice.

Owens went on to say that the motion to compel Barrett to finish her deposition was frivolous. Attorney Mark Lord stated to Judge Owens “There never has been an evidentiary hearing in this case”, Owens replied,

“That’s Right, and There Never Will Be”.
Excerpt from hearing page 1
Excerpt from hearing page 2


Judge Lee Hawarth
As Chief Judge, Haworth was the architect of the plan to deliberately deny due process and violate Murray Cohen and his family’s constitutional rights. Haworth continually interfered with court proceedings by hearing certain motions personally.  Haworth is responsible for instructing all the judges in the probate case on how to deny justice to Murray Cohen’s family.

Haworth also was a personal friend to Murray’s killer who was a juvenile probation officer of Sarasota county. Haworth also brought in retired judge Thomas Galen to clean up all the criminal conduct committed by the judges who were involved in the probate case. Haworth knew that Galen was bulletproof from accountability because he was retired and did not have to run for office or answer to the public for his criminal actions he committed in the probate case of Murray Cohen.

Haworth forced Murray Cohen’s attorney to proceed with a slayer trial within the probate without expert testimony, or autopsy results regarding the cause of Murray Cohen’s death.  Haworth guaranteed that his friend, Maria Amurrio Cohen would get away with poisoning, torturing and suffocating Murray Cohen. Haworth denied motions to take depositions of expert witnesses outside the state of Florida. Haworth denied motions to allow expert witnesses to testify via video link who were outside the hundred mile radius outside the court house. Every court in the United Stated allows expert witness testimony via video link when they are 100 or miles away from the court.

See Haworth’s order
denying video testimony



Judge Nancy Donnellan

Donnellan was the first judge appointed in the Probate Case of Murray Cohen. Donnellan was responsible for denying motions to exhume the body of Murray Cohen to prove that he was murdered. Donnellan who was personal friends with Sarasota Sheriff Balkwill did everything in her power to protect Balkwill’s back as he proceeded to cover up of the true cause of Murray Cohen’s death.  Donnellan is responsible for allowing a cold blooded killer to control the grave her victim. Murray’s killer spent over $140,000 to fight exhumation of Murray’s body. Donnellan opened up the doors for the law firm of Abel and Band to suck and pillage Murray Cohen’s cash from his estate. Eventually, Donnellan was forced to recuse herself.

See Letter from Donnellan to Balkwill.
See Letter from Balkwill to Balkwill.
See motion filed for Donnellan to recuse herself.


Court Judge Rick DeFuria

DeFuria was the 2nd Judge to deny justice in the Probate Case of Murray Cohen. DeFuria issued a protective order to block the deposition of 911 operator, Anne Barrett, who was an ear witness to the Murder of Murray Cohen. DeFuria issued the protective order after Murray Cohen’s son contacted 911 operator, Anne Barrett at work. Operator, Anne Barrett confirmed that she remembered the call and was willing to cooperate with authorities about what she heard in the background the day Murray’s wife of three weeks called 911 pretending that her husband died in a peaceful afternoon nap. DeFuria, in spite of irrefutable evidence of murder which includes the victim’s voice as he is being murdered and petitions filed to block Murray’s Killer from being appointed as personal representative of his estate, DeFuria gladly appointed her anyway. DeFuria is responsible for denying due process and violating an American family’s constitutional rights.

See Protective order blocking deposition of the 911 operator
See Petition to block killer from being appoint PR
Hear the conversation between Murray’s son and 911 operator who was a witness to murder.

Judge Deno Economou
                                             Appointed in 2000 by Governor Jeb Bush

Judge Deno Economou was the 3rd corrupt judge of the 12th Judicial circuit to deny due process and violate Murray Cohen and his family’s constitutional rights. Economou’s role in the probate was to allow the law firm of Abel and Band to suck out every dime possible for legal fees while representing Murray’s killer as personal representative. The law firm of Abel and Band was a major contributor to Economou’s election fund during the time of Murray’s probate case. Economou also allowed Murray’s killer to openly commit perjury numerous times under oath in his court. Economou attacked Murray Cohen’s son who was acting as his own attorney by dismissing all his motions filed and eventually, banned him from representing himself and his son who was a minor at the time. Economou allowed Murray’s killer to steal his grandson’s college fund and everything that was left to him in the will. Murray’s Grandson was the major beneficiary to his grandfather’s estate. After Economou was finished his dirty work, Murray’s grandson did not receive one penny from an estate in which he was to inherit  $1,300,000. Judge Economou disrespected and trashed Murray Cohen’s written will and prenuptial.

See Murray’s Will
See Economou’s order preventing Murray’s son representing himself
See letter from attorney who did Murray’s prenupt.

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