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Racketeering.   Altering Evidence.   Destroying Evidence.   Covering Up Murder.   Bank Fraud.   Arson.

Sarasota Sheriff's Office Breaks The Public Trust

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Members of the Sarasota Sheriff's Office used their police skills to obstruct justice and cover up the murder of Murray Cohen.

 Current Sarasota Sheriff Tom Knight

A Disgrace to Law Enforcement

Allowing a Cold Blooded Killer to Walk the Streets of Sarasota.


   Attorney Letter to Sheriff Knight


Law Enforcement Officer Charles Joseph Gliniewicz who used his police skills to cover up fraud and staged his suicide to look like he was murdered.
              A Cop Worse Than Joseph Gliniewicz
                  Sarasota Sheriff Kurt Hoffman:
Law Enforcement Officer who used his police skills and his attorney skills to obstruct justice and cover up a murder

Why did Sarasota Sheriff's Counsel, Kurt Hoffman obtain an ex parte court order to destroy evidence of a cold blooded murder?

The Orlando Sentinel did a public records request for access to the hard drive containing proof that Murray Cohen was murdered. Kurt Hoffman immediately ran to Sarasota Judge Andrew Owens and quickly obtained an order to immediately destroy the hard drive with a public records request pending. 

Why did the Attorney General of Florida, Bill McColllum under Governor Charlie Crist refuse to prosecute and enforce the public records request laws of Florida? As of 5/14/12, the Sarasota Sheriff's department has never turned over or allowed access to the original first generation copy which was archived onto a DVD. After denying the existence of the archived DVD, Hoffman changed his story and came up with numerous archived DVDs. Hoffman came up with all the 911 calls for December 2002 through February 2003, accept the 911 calls from January 1, 2003 thru January 15th. What did Hoffman do
with those calls? 

Why did Florida Department of Law Enforcement allow Hoffman to get away with destruction of evidence and obstruction of justice? 

Why did Sarasota State Attorney, Earl Moreland allow Kurt Hoffman and the Sarasota Sheriff's Department to get away with covering up a murder and violating Florida's Public Records Request laws?

Why did the State of Florida, Governor Charlie Crist and the Attorney General allow Hoffman to get away with obstruction of justice?


                                         Fax Cover Sheet

While the Orlando Sentinel Records Request for Access to the Hard Drive was Pending, Hoffman had the Hard Drive Picked Up and Destroyed
Orlando Sentinel Letter

Former Sarasota Sheriff's Homicide Detective, Gary Ferguson, has reviewed the evidence and has come to the conclusion that Murray Cohen was a victim of a cold blooded, pre-meditated murder done for money and greed. Please see his sworn statement.
Detective's Sworn Statement



      Major Paul Richard

Major Paul Richard was involved in sending the altered recording of the 911 call to the FBI.

He also sent a copy of the 911 recording to forensic audio expert Gaidecom cut into six segments.

Audio Expert's Letter to Judge

Paul Richard's Letter to Audio Experts


                                                  Former S.S.O. Major Chuck Forbis

Co-conspirator in the cover up of Murray Cohen's death, participated in altering the 911 recording to hide the murder.

5/3/15 Update on where Forbis is TODAY: 
Chuck Forbis is located in Lewisburg, Tennessee and is currently the Chief of the Lewisburg Police Department.

SSO Detective Involved in the Cover Up of Murray Cohen's Murder Moves Up in Rank Over the Last Decade

Circled: Detective Dave Scott

5/3/15 Update: Dave Scott currently is a Lieutenant at the Sarasota Sheriff's Department working his way up through the ranks.

In 2003, Detective Dave Scott who is now Lieutenant Scott at SSO altered evidence, destroyed evidence, obstructed justice and allowed Murray Cohen’s killer to get away with his murder. Scott was the first person to ever request a copy of the 911 recording  involving Murray Cohens death. His request for a copy was made on 1/16/03. (Recording Request) Instead of placing the 911 recording into properties which is standard for a natural death classification, Scott kept the recording in his possession for 5 months. This was discovered the day Murray Cohen’s son called SSO records seeking a public records request for a copy of the 911 call regarding his father’s death.

Records custodian, Bonnie Brinson told Murray’s son that she was puzzled why the 911 recording was not in property. Brinson put Murray’s son on hold. When Brinson returned to the phone she informed Murray son that he needed to call Detective Dave Scott regarding the 911 recording because the copy was in Scott’s possession. Murray’s son immediately called Detective Scott and was able to make contact with him.

After Murray’s son asked Detective Scott for a copy of the 911 call, Scott became agitated and said to Murray’s son “You don’t want to listen to that call, it is very disturbing”, “It is clear your father’s wife did everything to try help your father”. Murray’s son replied, “I appreciate your concern, but I still want a copy of the 911 call”.  At this point, Scott was very agitated but agreed to send Murray’s son a copy of the 911 call.

After not receiving a copy for 2 weeks, Murray’s son called Scott back to find out when it was coming. Scott disposition was one of anger and told Murray’s son he was sending it in a few days. On May 29, 2003 Murray’s son received the package containing a copy of the 911 recording. In this package was a white cassette tape along with two business cards. One from Detective Scott and the other from a Paul Richards.

Upon listening to the recording, Murray’s son was shocked and horrified after hearing his father pleading for an ambulance after he was reported by his wife of three weeks to not be speaking, not breathing and totally gone. Seconds later, he heard the wife yelling at his father to give up. Murray son also noticed a severe sudden drop in volume half way through the recording. Murray’s son called Detective Scott back and told him that he heard his father pleading for an ambulance and he could hear his wife yelling at him to give up.

An agitated Detective Scott replied, “You are hearing things and you need to move on with your life”.  Scott then yelled at Murray’s son, “Never call me again”.  

Detective Dave Scott falsifies his report to make it look like Murray Cohen’s toxicology test showed nothing suspicious

Scott’s investigative report

Why did Detective Scott order no test for Murray Cohen’s hair sample and failed to report the results from the blood samples?
No test ordered for hair sample

Why didn't Detective Scott order toxicology testing on Murray Cohen's blood samples?                
Toxicology samples taken from Murray Cohen


Recently, audio expert Paul Ginsberg stated publicly that in his opinion, Murray Cohen was murdered. Sheriff Knight was given this information along with Ginsberg's phone number. Sheriff Knight refused to call Ginsberg.

                  Attorney Gelman's Response To Sheriff Knight

                                          Attorney Letter to Sheriff Knight


              Once Again, Sheriff Knight Tries To Explain The House Of Cards:
Sheriff Knight's Response


How many other murder suspects are afforded special favors from the law enforcement agency investigating them for possibly committing a murder?

                                    Killer's Special Request and Response


While being investigated for possibly committing a homicide, Amurrio requested an appointment with Sheriff Balkwill, and how she could donate money to the Sarasota Sheriff's Fallen Family Fund. 

                                 See Emails



Sheriff William Balkwill was the sheriff at the time of Murray Cohen's murder. He is responsible for covering up Murray Cohen's murder and obstructing justice. Balkwill chose to not run for office after becoming a defendant in a civil lawsuit awarding prison contracts. Balkwill eventually was charged with destruction of evidence.

                                           Sheriff William Balkwill
                                    (Sheriff at the time of Murray Cohen's death)

Sheriff Balkwill 's Bad Habit Of Deleting Public Records Finally Catches Up With Him

Sarasota Herald Tribune: "Ex-Sheriff Destroyed Evidence, Judge Says"
News Article

Sarasota Herald Tribune: "Balkwill Charges Weighed"
News Article

Sarasota Herald Tribune: "Sheriff to Hand Over Documents in Computer Case
News Article


     After Murray Cohen's Son Began to Uncover Evidence of Murder, Homicide Detective Chris Hallisey was Assigned to Investigate His Findings and His Father's Death. Hallisey Overlooked an Exotic Poision Found at the Death Scene and Participated in Altering the Digital 911 Recording. Eventually Hallisey had to Resign from the Sarasota Sheriff's Department Because he was Arrested for Felony Doctor Shopping.
                   Detective Chris Hallisey

 Guilty of Obstruction of Justice in the Murder Cover UP

                                              Hallisey's Arrest Papers 

Lead Detective In The Cohen Case Arrested For Felony Doctor Shopping

Detective Hallisey created a false timeline to change the fact that Murray Cohen's stock broker, who had a pre-arranged appointment, was an ear witness to Murray Cohen's murder. Hallisey also created this false timeline to hide the fact that my father suffered for 20 minutes before dying.

5/3/15 Update: Enjoying collecting his pension he was allowed to keep after his felony arrest.

Evidence Of False Timeline Created By Detective Chris Hallisey:


Two days after Murray Cohen's death, Detective Dave Scott requested a copy of the 911 recording regarding Murray Cohen's death. He was required to fill out a form and was asked to be specific in the time of the call in which he was requesting a copy.


True Time Of The Call

Click Here


  Former Sarasota Sheriff's Counsel, Gabrielle Taylor
at the time of Murray Cohen's death

Why did Sheriff's counsel, Gabrielle Taylor, lie to the probate court in her motion to quash the subpoena of Sheriff Balkwill when she claimed that he had no individual involvement of Murray Cohen?


Sarasota Sheriff's General Counsel, Attorney Gabrielle Taylor, makes the news when she turns up drunk and has to be hogtied and restrained.

Gabrielle Taylor News Article <-Click Here

Gabrielle Taylor News Article <-Click Here

Gabrielle Taylor News Article
<-Click Here

Gabrielle Taylor News Article <-Click Here


                                                  Captain Jeffrey Bell
                     (Homicide Detective at the time of Murray Cohen's death)
                    *Suspected of Having a Romantic Affair with Murray's Wife*

Captain Jeffrey Bell falsified a report dated 3/04/2004, in which he stated that the FBI findings did not concur with my Audio Expert’s findings.  Documents show the FBI findings were not reported until 6/26/04. Captain Jeffrey is suspected of being romantically involved with Murray Cohen's killer during the investigation of his death.

Bell's Falsified Report Page 1

Bell's Falsified Report Page 2

True Date Of FBI Report

Sarasota Sheriff's Department Update: April 11th, 2013

After calling the Sheriff's department for two months requesting that Sheriff Tom Knight meet with Murray's family, a reply was finally given. Sheriff Knight said he will not speak with or meet Murray Cohen's family.


Why did the Sarasota Sheriffs Department lie to the FBI laboratory and tell them that a digital version of the 911 call no longer existed? SSO knew the system in place the day of Murray Cohen's death was archiving onto a DVD.

See Proof Here


See how the SSO used the FBI report generated from altered evidence was used to influence the governor of Florida and prejudice the probate court.



Proof that the Sarasota Sheriff's Dept. lied to the FBI lab when they told them that the 911 recording was no longer available in a digital format.

See Evidence


Sarasota Sheriffs Department threatens murder victim's son.

See Letter Here

Why wasn't the Sarasota Sheriffs Department suspicious of Amurrio when she refused to take a polygraph test?

See SSO Internal Email Here


Why would the Sarasota Sheriff's Department have more than one version of the 911 call regarding Murray Cohen's death? Please see:
                         Sarasota Herald Tribune Article


                                                       Captain Paul Richards
                                                    Participated in altering the 911 recording.
                                                            A criminal with a badge.



Police Report Regarding Murray's Death 

Police Report <=== Click Here


Why does Sheriff Knight refuse to speak with former SSO homicide detective Gary Ferguson?

Why did former Sheriff William Balkwill ignore Detective Ferguson's findings of a cold blooded murder?


The Undoing Of The House Of Cards:

The offical story from Sarasota Sheriff's Department and all government agencies in Florida is that the Cohen Case has been fully investigated by former Governor Jeb Bush, Florida Department of Law Enforcement, FBI, and Senator Bill Nelson. The truth is none of the above mentioned have investigated the circumstances surrounding, or the cause of death of Murray B. Cohen. The FBI was only asked to listen to a recording and make a transcript- period. FDLE was asked to only review the existing file created by SSO- period. Former Governor Jeb Bush only ordered a review of the Cohen case- period. Senator Bill Nelson sent
a copy of the 911 recording in which the quality was good enough to hear Murray Cohen's murder directly to the FBI laboratory on our behalf. The FBI refused to open the package. Senator Nelson received a letter from the Justice Department culminating the whitewash with the biggest falsehood of them all. Senator Nelson was told in the letter that a detective, hired by Mr. Esdale, went into the Sarasota FBI headquarters and met with FBI Agent Lynn Billings. The letter stated to Senator Nelson that Agent Billings did not hear Murray Cohen asking for help where Mr. Esdale claims he is. Therefore, the FBI will not be able to get involved. There's only one problem to this statement: after receiving this report I called the Sarasota FBI and asked to speak with Agent Billings. I read the letter to her regarding where they claim she did not hear Murray Cohen requesting assistance. Agent Billings openly stated that she heard a man say, on both CD's, "You said you were going to get me an abulance". And when I confronted her with this innacuracy, she told me I would have to take this up with her supervisor.

Hear Agent Lynn Billings For Yourself




Members of the Sarasota Sheriff's Dept. who are directly responsible for destroying evidence and committing obstruction of justice in the case of Murray Cohen:

Sheriff Tom Knight

Sheriff William Balkwill

Major Kurt Hoffman

Major Chuck Forbis

Sgt. Paul Richards

Sgt. Jeff Bell

Detective Dave Scott

Detective Chris Hallisey

Major Kevin Gooding

Sheriff's Counsel Gabriel Taylor


                                                 August 3, 2013
                                            Current Sarasota State Attorney, Ed Brodsky
                             Will he find the courage to do the right thing?

Sarasota State Attorney Ed Brodsky’s office finally responds to family’s request for justice to be served.

See Response Letters