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Witnesses To The Murder

911 Operator, Anne Barrett's Decade Long Silence Leaves Murray's Family To Anguish Over Justice Denied

911 Operator Anne Barrett of Northport, FL

Anne Barrett is the operator who handled the 911 call pertaining to Murray Cohen's death. She was an ear witness to Murray Cohen's murder and refuses to tell what she heard.

On November 22, 2005, 911 Operator Anne Barrett, who is the person who handled the call on the day of Murray Cohen's death, was questioned under sworn oath under Florida Dept. of Law Enforcement. It is obvious that Anne Barrett has made the choice to lie and participate in the cover up of the circumstances of how Murray Cohen died. Sixteen months after Murray Cohen death, Murray's son called the Sarasota 911 call center seeking to speak with Barrett. I got lucky, and Barrett happened to be on duty. This conversation was on recording at the 911 call center. Days later Murray's son did a public records request and obtained a copy of our conversation. Besides lying under oath to FDLE, Barrett lied under oath at a deposition on March 26, 2008. The day Murray's son made that faithful call and reached Anne Barrett, it was clear that she was carrying a great burden and clearly knew what happened to Murray Cohen. Between 2004 and 2005 something caused Barrett  to bear false witness. After telling his son that she knew he needed some questions answered, but he needed to wait, he went on to ask her the question anyway.

"Do you remember the call when you were instructing a woman on how to do CPR and she suddenly left the phone?"

The way she answers and the tone of her voice speaks for itself.

911 Operator Anne Barrett Committs Perjury Under Oath

Anne Barrett's Perjury 1

Anne Barrett's Perjury 2

Why did Anne Barrett tell FDLE that she believed the voices in the background were a televison when on March 26, 2008, in a deposition Barrett testified that she heard Amurrio talking in the background?

After dodging the process server for two weeks, Anne Barrett was finally located and was served a subpoena to appear for a deposition on March 26, 2008. Anne Barrett appeared by herself and was clearly nervous with her hands trembling. After being questioned about the truthfullness of her testimony under oath to FDLE, Barrett was asked to listen to the recording of our conversation. She then suddenly stood up and declared that she needed and attorney. Attorney Mark Lord told Barrett that we were only after the truth. Barrett agreed to continue her deposition. The recording of the 911 call regarding Murray Cohen's death was then played for her. She was asked to listen to the call with headphones. After listening to the call, Barrett stood up and said, "I am leaving." Attorney Mark Lord explained to Barrett that she was under subpoena and that her deposition was not over. Barrett replied, "Then arrest me" and stormed out. See exerpt below:

After years of lying, Anne Barrett admitts that the voice she heard in the background did not came from the 911 center, the voice she heard in the background was Maria.
See Excerpt of Deposition

The proof that Anne Barrett knew who Murray Cohen's son was and why he was calling:

Even after telling Murray's son she couldn't answer his questions at this time, he still went on and asked her if she remembered the call where the woman left the phone in the middle of being instructed on how to do CPR. The tone of her answer speaks volumes. Listen for yourself.

Anne Barrett's voice: listen for yourself. She clearly heard Amurrio ordering Murray Cohen to give up.



Forensic audio expert Arlo West's video transcript of the 911 call

Forensic Audio Expert Arlo West's Written Report

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On January 13, 2003, Murray Cohen's stock broker, Stephen Beninati had a pre-arranged appointment to speak with Murray Cohen about his investments. As fate has it, Mr. Beninati called in the middle of Murray Cohen's murder.

Stephen Beninati's Sworn Statement
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The Sarasota Sheriff's Department has falsified a report regarding Mr. Beninati's recollection of the day he called Murray Cohen's house. As of June 1, 2009, Florida Department of Law Enforcement has refused Mr. Beninati.

New: As Of June 11, 2009

Sworn Video Deposition of Stephen Beninati: Part 1



Coming Soon: Parts 2, 3, 4, & 5